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Better Choices Start Here.

Linda Ferguson, Ph.D.

Powerful positive choices require three things: hope that things can be better; willpower to overcome habits; and a system you trust. We use neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to build the hope, willpower and systematic thinking that leads to making choices that get great results.

Fall certification runs three weekends, October 26/27 and November 9/10 and November 23/24, 2019.

In just 6 days, we can show you how to change your thinking so that you feel better and do better. When you’re tired of?#8216;good enough’ thinking then change it. Invest in the learning that sets you free from old patterns and gives you better choices for the future.

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We offer five levels of training:

  1. #freeNLP events from 90minutes to full day courses
  2. Short courses to make powerful change in 3 days or less
  3. Certification as a Practitioner?/span>
  4. Certification as a Master Practitioner (NLP certification is a prerequisite)
  5. Post-graduation advanced practice courses and coaching

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When you certify with us, you become part of the family: you are welcome back to practice your skills and manage yourself through new transitions. We’ll have your back when change happens and you need to reset and recharge.

Listen to this interview with Linda Ferguson. It will introduce you to the results you will get through NLP training.